Pharmacy International

Fotos Mitarbeiter Apotheke am Hauptbahnhof

We Speak Your Language

Our pharmacy has been in business here in the heart of Hamburg, across from the Hamburg Central Station, for over 80 years. We are one of the leading pharmacies in northern Germany.

One of the main features of our business is a very large stock of medications, including natural remedies, that allows us to offer an extremely quick and efficient delivery service for prescriptions and all other customer needs.
As a general rule, medications that are rare or difficult to locate can usually be manufactured in-house or ordered, if necessary even from outside the country.
Twelve different languages are spoken in our pharmacy. For over 30 years we have been filling and shipping foreign-customer medicine orders world-wide.

Your health is our concern.

We’re here for you:
Monday through Friday, 8AM until 8PM
Saturday 9AM until 6PM

Steindamm 2
20099 Hamburg
Telefon 040 / 241 243
Fax 040 / 280 25 18